Sunday, December 09, 2007

Freelance Copywriter from Chennai, India

I have been a freelance copywriter for 13 years now. The experience has been pretty good, considering everything. To be precise, there have been periods of uncertainty and unpredictability when it comes to earnings, but then the freedom and flexibility have been major factors in my continuing to be a freelance for this long. Well, there have been full-time offers, all with poor pay and no flexibility in any respect.

In recent years, I have seen quite a few positive changes.

1. My modest web site has attracted some very good buyers - good, solid corporate companies.

2. Indian buyers pay very well, very often better than US buyers.

3. I make between US$25 to US$50 per hour on assignments such as web site content development, video scripts and Power Point Presentations.

4. Working for Indian buyers, meaning those based in India, is easier and safer. Coordination is easily done. Payment is prompt and safe, for I always insist on a 50% advance.

5. Word-of-mouth in terms of the quality and delivery aspects of my work continues to fetch me more business.

Of course, the major benefit of being a freelance copywriter flows out from the way in which one utilizes the free time and the flexibility that come with this mode of employment. I have devoted my free time mostly to reading and developing my fiction-writing capability.

I would be happy to share my experiences with anyone willing and ready to launch themselves into the freelance realm.


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